GNU Public Licence

The packages available in this section contain GPL licenced source code for developers to use for their own purposes.

Presently, most of the software and documentation available is developed specifically for Foxmoxie Networks and Foxmoxie Internet products, but some (such as libnetshclient) may be used in other software with little or no modifications required.


This package contains source and build files which enable extended attribute functionality in PHP5.

It has not been extensively tested, but is simple to modify if needed.

As an alternative to integrating the module into a PHP built root, a CMake build file is included for compilation on platforms with existing PHP5 development headers and libraries installed which has been tailored to Ubuntu distributions. Minor modifications to this build file may be necessary for other platforms.

Subversion read-only access to this project may be found at: svn://

File Date Licence Notes
php5_xattr-1.0.tar.bz2 01/02/2010 GPL Initial release.

© Copyright 2007 Foxmoxie Networks Ltd.